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Play the Mario Combat game to test your fighting skills. Can you make your way through the levels, defeat all the Koopas, and ultimately confront Bowser?

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Mario has many enemies who would do anything to catch him and attack the Mushroom Kingdom. However, in the Mario Combat game, Mario decided that he had had enough of everything. So he went to a kung fu school in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he learned to fight. Now he can defeat his enemies once and for all.

Your main job in this game is to help Mario fight his way through the levels and defeat all the enemies along the way. The ultimate goal is to defeat the evil Bowser, Mario's fiercest enemy! Are your skills up for the task? There's only one way to find out!

How to Play

You'll need your keyboard to control Mario. Here are your controls:

 - Left / Right arrow keys: Move left or right.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - A: Attack.

 - Spacebar: Enter the castle at the end of each level.

You can use some combos to attack better and make your enemies' life decrease faster. For example, if you press the A + Down arrow key at the same time, Mario will do an uppercut. Pretty neat, right?

However, be careful because the Koopa Turtles can attack you too. You cannot run away from them because they will come after you. Try to practice your new fighting skills to defeat them before they do it to you. 

What else you should know

You can see your life in the energy meter on the upper side of the screen. Once the energy meter gets depleted, you lose your life, and the game is over. Falling into lava will have the same outcome, so pay attention to the obstacles in your way.

When performing a jump onto a wall, press the Jump key again to perform a wall jump. This is how you can climb the taller walls when needed.

Good luck!

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