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Try the Mario & Banzai game to enjoy a new challenge with your favorite character! You'll need to get used to a new way of jumping and collecting coins!

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About Mario & Banzai Game

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Don't miss out on the Mario & Banzai game if you are a fan of classic games! This installment of the series starring the world's most beloved plumber brings something new to the table. Are you ready to experience the adventures of Mario from a novel perspective?

Don't worry! You won't miss out on any of the fun features that make Mario so awesome. There will still be plenty of platforms, moving obstacles, coins, and menacing enemies! Are you ready to face them?

How to Play

Let's get started! First, you should take a close look at the bar on the left side of the screen. Click, then keep pressing the Left Mouse Button! You will notice that an indicator will move up and down the bar. I hope you are still holding that button!

The key to the perfect jump is to let go of the button at the right moment. The closest you are to the green area, the further you will jump. However, sometimes you will need to get the indicator in the red, or even yellow area to land in the perfect spot. 

Are you ready to encounter some challenging obstacles? There will be many moving platforms and tricky jumps throughout your journey. What is more, you might also come across enemies and traps. Don't get discouraged if you fall! Banzai will give you one more chance to complete the level by transporting you to the last platform you visited.

There's more you should know!

Make sure you are on the lookout for coins! They will help you enhance Mario's abilities and earn more lives. There are four main features that you can invest in by visiting the upgrade menu. As you keep playing and collecting coins, you can make the game easier and more engaging by increasing Mario's stats.

Did you notice the magnet icon? It will help you gather more coins at a time. Therefore, it's a smart idea to invest some coins to increase the duration of this feature. You can also help your hero land difficult jumps easier if you invest in stability. Besides, increasing the number of lives to start with and getting more coins in the bonus levels are also interesting features. Can you decide what to pick first? It's up to you to determine what matches your gaming style!

Are you ready for a fresh take on a well-known game? You're bound to have a blast rediscovering this classic! Surely, you'll need a little practice, but after a few tries, your jumps will become more precise. Let's have fun with Mario and Banzai!