Luigi's Revenge

Play Luigi's Revenge Interactive game, and help Luigi destroy the enemies and bosses in each level. Give Luigi a chance to show what he can do! Have fun!

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Something terrible has fettered Luigi's mind. All these years he kept his dormant madness within him, and the time has come to release it. You won't even recognize him. Luigi is angry because all the time when something happens, he never has the chance to save the Mushroom Kingdom or to be a hero, because of Mario who always takes all the credits. Today he got mad about it, and in Luigi's Revenge game, he decided to fight against Mario, and be the evil character for once.

Play as a cold-hearted Luigi, who once used to be Mario's best friend, and destroy every person in the way who tries to stop you. Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move Luigi from one side to the other, and to jump from platform to platform. Luigi can jump on his enemies to destroy them if he wants to do it. 

Help him collect all the coins that you see, to have a high final score, and to be the first one on top. Jump high to reach the golden coins as a bonus.  Luigi will go a long way until he meets all his enemies, and he wants to destroy them all. Avoid the obstacles, and be careful not to fall. If Luigi falls, he will lose his lives. Each time you lose a life, you are closer to the end of the game.

Defeat all the bosses

A boss is waiting for you at the end of each level, and there are a total of three levels. Avoid their deadly hits and continue your path. Don't forget to duck in order to avoid fireballs. And who is there to spit fireballs? Koopa Villain Bowser, of course, who will play as your last boss – the one that is the hardest to defeat. If you find that you're stuck – don't panic – there are some strategies for how to defeat bosses in the main menu. Be accurate with your health, as there are no mushrooms to fill back your health bar. 

We know that it will not be easy from the first time, but we are sure that with hard work, and perseverance, you will be able to end this mission successfully. Play this dynamic, exciting game to reveal who will be Luigi's last victims!