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Play the Super Chick Sisters game, and help Chickette and Nugget save Pamela Anderson! The evil Colonel kidnapped her to protect his secret about KFC!

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Have you heard the biggest secret in the Mushroom Kingdom? Pamela Anderson heard about it, and we are sure that you will be in shock when you find out what happens at the KFC factory. The evil Colonel does not want the people to find out his evil secret about how he cooks the KFC food, and he kidnapped Pamela in the Super Chick Sisters game. 

Have you ever asked yourself what they do with the chickens at KFC? It seems that the terrible secret was revealed. Pamela Anderson comes at the tv to tell all the truth that she was able to discover disturbing facts about the chickens' torture. But something went wrong at the television, and the evil Colonel Sanders kidnapped Pamela, and know all the chickens are in mortal danger.

Who is there to all the cruelties when Mario and Luigi are in hospital because they had gone on an extended mission before? When it seems that nobody can save the poor chickens from imminent death, two sisters – Nugget and Chickette decided to stop Colonel Sanders and save Pamela Anderson. Sounds like a good plot, isn't it?

How to Play

This game features three playable characters. At the beginning of the game, you can choose to play with any of the two chick sisters, Nugget or Chickette. If you manage to pass more levels, you can play the game as Pamela Anderson. Your goal is to reach KFC and save the chickens from the evil Colonel.

All you have to do is use the up, down, left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move from one side to the other one, and to jump, or to break blocks. The blocks can hide gold chickens, that will bring you points.  Your purpose is to pass by the Colonel and to reach the KFC factory safely.

Follow the indicators to reach KFC. Along your way, don't forget to collect the little golden birds. Hit the blocks with interrogative marks on them and eat the food to grow bigger. Avoid the Colonel's creatures, as they would creep to you and kill you immediately.

What else you should know

The colonel will try to stop you with any costs. Jump on top of him to destroy him, and save Pamela. If the Colonel touches you, you will lose a life, and you have to start the game again. When you lose all your lives, the game is over. Make sure you find the hidden boxes in the blocks and collect them to grow up fast. It is your chance to save the chicken from becoming food, and stop the Colonel and his evil plan. Chickette and Nugget count on you to help them with this mission.

Play this game with a great plot, fight your way to KFC and defeat Colonel Sanders. But remember – you might just change your opinion about KFC after playing this game.

Have fun!