Thor: Boss Battles

Stop Loki and his evil plan in the Thor: Boss Battles game. Fight the creatures and find the way into the ancient maze to get back the stolen artifacts!

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Once again, Thor has to put his brother in place in the Thor: Boss Battles game. Not only has he done some naughty things, but Loki allied with Hela and Enchantress too! Each time it seems that things are getting worse and worse with him.

Fortunately, you are here to take back the stolen treasures they have hidden away. Thor will certainly not be able to solve things by himself, this is why you should go on this mission straight away with him. By all means, everybody knows that he is rather the muscle, not the brain. Nevertheless, with your help, restoring the piece will be a piece of cake.

How to Play

In this challenge, you will function as a guide for Thor. He needs to know where he should be headed to find the treasure in due time. You can guide him through the ancient maze using the arrows on the keyboard. Unfortunately, sometimes, these catacombs have many dead ends, and you really do not have the time to draw a map.

But, Thor has a little key in his pocket for clearing his way. His hammer is the perfect tool for tearing down anything daring enough to stand in his way. The Z key can be used to smash the cracked walls. Simply go as close to them as possible and start demolishing. The same key can be used to attack the weird creatures living in the catacombs. These nasty things are not very friendly. Once they spot you, they will attack. 

Also, you should know that you can also use the hammer to break the flooring. Thor hasn't got the time to take the stairs, so he has found a better solution. You have to press the Down arrow to make him tear down the stones underneath. 

Remember to collect the shiny stones floating around because they are quite valuable. You can use them to upgrade your hammer's powers. If you get enough of them, you will be even able to acquire the iconic boomerang effect! 

Thor will be grateful for your help given in a time of need. Helping the son of Odin will surely put a good word for you next time you want to enter Valhalla!