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Play Avengers Assemble: Avengers Tower Rush game and defend the headquarters side by side with Hawkeye and Stark agents! Can you hold off HYDRA's forces?

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Can you face off the HYDRA forces in the Avengers Assemble: Avengers Tower Rush game? The brave team of superheroes has a significant problem! During a routine transfer of an IS0-8 cache in the secure vault of the tower, there has been an ambush! Unfortunately, Hawkeye is the only one on duty, accompanied by the special Stark agents. They need to hold off the attack until the other Avengers get to the scene and give them a helping hand.

What is more, our heroes don't know that two supervillains are directing the assault. That's right! I am talking about Red Skull and MODOK himself! Will they be able to hold their position and defend the safety of their headquarters?

Pick out a team and get ready for battle!

You start out the game in the headquarters of the Avengers Tower. Take the opportunity to look around and enjoy the upbeat music and immersive atmosphere! The very first step you need to take is to pick out the components of your team. Granted, in the beginning, you will only be able to select a basic agent. However, as you advance through the game, more efficient types of allies will be unlocked. Keep in mind that each type of partner has specific skills and abilities that you can even enhance by using the currency earned throughout the game! 

There are other decisions that you can take at this stage of the game as well, such as your preferred special attack and even the configuration of the battlefield. However, these will become available only if you manage to master the basics in the first levels of the game!

Get ready for battle! The gameplay is deceivingly simple, as all you need to do is to click the left mouse button to perform an action. However, you will soon find out how fast-paced and complex this game can be! Use your mouse to move Hawkeye and click on an enemy to automatically fire arrows at him. Keep a close eye on the energy and health bars of your hero. They will prove to be vital in your strategy!

It's all in the tactics!

No matter how strong he is, Hawkeye will never be able to face the HYDRA forces alone! Summon allies to help you keep your ground by clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower left corner of the screen. They will jump to your rescue and play their role in the battle tactic that you have conceived. Nevertheless, their help comes at a cost! Each ally you summon costs valuable energy. Pick up all the blue vials you can find to keep the bar full!

Are you surrounded by enemies with nowhere to retreat? Then I suggest you use the superpower selected in the beginning as a quick solution to a sticky situation. Remember that you can also upgrade this feature using the currency earned throughout the game. Don't forget that the final score and amount of Avengers money collected at the end of each level is influenced by the health of your hero and the state of the vault!

One last tip that will make your defense strategy more efficient is more straightforward than you think. The purple bar at the center of the screen shows you how many enemy forces are still waiting to assault at the current level. Additionally, you will receive on-screen warnings every time a massive wave approaches the vault. Keep these in mind when you summon allies and even save up some energy for a special attack! 

Become a part of the Avengers team and help them defend their headquarters from two of the most menacing supervillains in the Marvel Universe! Do you think that you can successfully complete this task and earn your place in the famous team of superheroes?