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Play Avenger Tactics game and get ready for a real mental challenge! Prove that you can use your brain while coordinating the Marvel heroes in battle!

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If you are a fan of chess and other strategy games, then you should definitely try the Avenger Tactics game! This thrilling game combines the fascinating world of strategy games with the Marvel universe. Now you can spend more time accompanied by your favorite characters, such as Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America, while also practicing your ability to think on your feet. Are you ready to defeat the terrifying Red Skull and MODOK, the mutated monster, by using only your mind? Then get ready for battle!

The game consists of multiple confrontations between the Avengers and their long-time enemies, Red Skull, and MODOK, as well as their acolytes. Based on your skill set, you can adjust the difficulty settings at the beginning of the game. I suggest trying out the medium tier of difficulty at first, and then decide if you need something more challenging or easy going.

All the mayhem will take place on a game board comprised of squares. The game follows the structure of a traditional turn-based game, where you and your foes play alternatively. You only have 5 moves at your disposal during a turn, so use them wisely then watch out for your competitor! The goal of each level is to obliterate all enemy forces. Keep an eye on the meter at the lower right side of the screen to see how many waves of soldiers you still need to defeat!

Get your strategy in line and make a move!

The basic idea behind the game is to place your agents strategically and deal as much damage to the enemy as possible. However, you mustn't forget that once your five moves are over, your enemy has free reign. Make sure your defense lines are well built, and that vulnerable characters are protected! Otherwise, you will lose essential players and ultimately fail the mission.

Place your troops by dragging them onto the play area with your mouse cursor. Selecting a character will reveal its characteristics, such as the movement range, strength, health, and other specifics. They all matter when it comes to strategy, so read carefully and devise a plan that uses every move to your advantage!

Additionally, I recommend you check out the available items carefully! They are gems that grant special powers to your characters. For instance, using Mind Defense will make your hero more resistant to damage for the next turn. They can surely come in handy when you reach a sticky situation! 

Get ready to go after bad guys using your own brilliant mind and the help of the awesome Avengers! Your wits, combined with their incredible powers, are simply unstoppable!