Become part of an epic team of Marvel superheroes!

Can you keep up with legendary superheroes such as Hulk and Thor in the Avengers Games? You must have heard about this epic team of extraordinary individuals! They first appeared in a magazine created by Marvel Comics more than 50 years ago. The assembly of heroes created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have taken the world by storm ever since! In the last few years, movies, TV series, cartoons and toys portraying the Marvel Universe have become increasingly popular. Team up with the heroes in a series of unique and fun games!

The Avengers are a group united by their goal to protect Earth from internal and alien dangers. They were first assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D., a governmental organization created by the Americans. The team is under the stern command of Nick Fury, a former colonel, and CIA spy. A group of strong personalities will have some clashes! Sometimes, they even dispute leadership! However, in the end, they win by working together. By using their unique abilities, the characters can complete each other. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and the rest of the heroes are almost unbeatable! Do you want to see them in action and even lend them a helping hand? Then you must try the Avengers Assemble: Combined Strike game!

Meet the heroes that protect us all!

It's time to introduce some of the protagonists of this story! One of the men at the center of the Avengers team is billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. You might recognize him better as his alias, Iron Man. He designed a unique steel mesh armor and custom-made weapons that make him extremely powerful. As a result, he often leads the team.

Another figure of leadership is Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers. He is a patriotic WWII veteran injected with super-serum. Therefore, he has superhuman powers! Did you know that he and Iron Man had conflicts in the past?  However, the two have managed to come together for the benefit of the team. Experience the Captain's unique skills with The Avengers: Captain America game!

Hulk is a remarkable addition to the series. He used to be a scientist named Bruce Banner. Can you believe that gamma radiations turned him into a monster? Nevertheless, this adrenaline fed hero uses his force for the power of good!

What was that shadow in the woods? Black Panther combines the powers of AI and strong body armor to fight evil. Besides, he is also the monarch of Wakanda, a technologically advanced African nation.

Have you ever wanted to meet a god? Thor is the legendary son of Odin and wields a mighty magic hammer. What is more, he is Asgardian, and therefore, almost immortal!

Can you speak Russian? Black Widow is an espionage expert with unmatched combat skills. For instance, her force and speed are a threat to any foe!

The beauty of the Marvel Universe is that it features a wide variety of heroes coming from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. Each one of them has unique powers and fascinating backstories! Play the games to discover them all!

Encounter menacing villains in the Avengers Games!

Everybody knows that the key to any good superhero movie is an interesting villain! In other words, show off the forces of good by making them fight evil and powerful characters. A good example is the mysterious members of HYDRA. This alien cult aims to bring back their deity, Hive.  If they succeed, he will take over Earth! However, the Avengers won't let that happen! What is more, you can join them in this confrontation with the Hydra Dash game!

Red Skull is another menacing figure of the Marvel Universe. What can be more frightening than a Nazi commander from WWII? The former brilliant disfigured himself with experimental super-serum, hence his name. Now he wants to destroy the Avengers and world domination! Also, he owns an alien artifact that grants him great power. Can you face this purely evil man? Find out with the Avengers Assemble: Avengers Tower Rush game!

There are many more fascinating characters that you will face in the Marvel Universe. For instance, you can go against MODOK, a terrifying monster. Do you see his huge and misshapen head? It's a result of failed genetic experiments! What is more, you can even meet Dracula. He has teamed up with Red Skull, hunting for potent superhero blood!

Do you want to become part of a complex and fascinating universe? Evil has many unexpected faces in the Marvel world. Can you face them all? Try the Avengers Games to find out what you are made of! Get ready for an epic superhero adventure! Join your favorite characters in their fight! As a result, you have the chance to become the hero of a truly epic story!

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