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Meet the most famous superhero ever with the Superman Games! Join this legendary symbol of hope and honor in his fight to save the world from evil!

Let's save the world!

You can meet a legend and join him in his fight against evil with Superman Games! Chances are you've at least heard about him, as he is the world's most famous superhero. However, did you know that his story began more than 80 years ago in a comic?

In 1938, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster released Action Comics #1, published by DC Comics, featuring our beloved red-and-blue friend. Little did they know that the protagonist would become a legend!

His story starts with the planet of Krypton, as Superman is an alien called Kal-El. Given that his world is dying, he is sent to Earth as a young boy and adopted by humans. As a result, he has to take on two identities - a shy journalist called Clark Kent and a powerful hero called Superman. Living in Metropolis, a city inspired by Toronto, he dedicates his life to the safety and happiness of its citizens and humankind in general.

Over thousands of episodes, the comic follows his journey as he gets rid of scary villains and finds heroic allies. In short, Superman is trying to save the world! Given that this quest inspires people of all ages, countless cartoons, movies, games, toys, and merch have appeared in the last eight decades. This superhero is truly timeless!

As it came out just before World War II, Superman quickly became a symbol for people wishing for hope and light in their lives. As a result, it's no wonder that Superman is the number one best-selling comic book in history! It's also one of the oldest stories printed without any breaks. Wow!

Meet the best hero of all time!

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman! Our hero has such an iconic look that everybody knows him. Since his first appearance, he has been wearing a tight blue bodysuit with an S on his chest and a red cape. Of course, the funniest element is the pair of red shorts he wears over his tights. Despite his silly appearance, Superman's toned muscles, perfectly coiffed dark hair, and good looks help him intimidate his foes and inspire trust in the people of Metropolis.

However, most days, Kal-El wears a suit or casual outfit over his famous costume! When he adopts the identity of Clark Kent, Superman turns into a timid, hard-working journalist. He's also in love with one of his co-workers, Lois Lane. Yet, she ignores her colleague because she's in love with Superman. How ironic!

Like many other DC heroes, Superman represents the forces of good. As a symbol of morality, he doesn't even kill his foes if possible. Moreover, he always stands for what is right, regardless of the consequences. Therefore, he became a role model for anyone trying to bring light and justice in a messy world. 

As far as his powers go, Superman is almost invincible! He can fly, lift almost anything, and survive mighty blows. Besides, the only thing that can hurt him is Kryptonite, a green element from his native planet. Nevertheless, no matter how powerful he is, he can't fight evil alone. As a result, he builds a league of allied superheroes. 

Fight terrifying villains!

Since arriving on Earth, Superman's adoptive parents have raised him to protect it. With so many bad guys lurking around Metropolis, his quest isn't easy!

Lex Luthor is one of the most well-known villains in the DC Universe. He is a bald genius and cruel CEO with a clear goal: to make Superman vanish. Despite not having any powers, his smarts are a good match for Superman's alien skills. Sure, he's terrifying, but his brains will wow you!

If Lex uses intelligence to beat Superman, Doomsday is the only one who can compare with our hero's force! Coming from Krypton, he is a giant monster with great strength. This scary genetical abomination is one of our hero's deadliest foes!

By far, Darkseid is the biggest threat to humans and the universe! This tyrant wishes to abolish free will and hope by enslaving every planet. Yikes! Because he is a god with an army and many allies, it'll take an entire league of superheroes to take him down. 

Experience otherworldly powers with Superman Games!

This category lets you experience some of Superman's alien powers. After all, he is the mightiest man on Earth! Besides, he has so many different abilities! You'll have fun trying them all!

To begin with, flying is a dream for most of us! Can you think of something more thrilling than exploring the skies of Metropolis? However, Superman doesn't fly around just for fun! He goes on missions to protect those around him. For instance, you can help him smash meteorites while they're in the air with the Metropolis Defender game!

Superhuman strength is another awe-inspiring power. Surely, it would be fun to lift almost anything! Our hero can raise huge rocks, smash cars, and even support falling buildings. Besides, he uses his powers to fight strong enemies. Join him in one of his training sessions with the Justice League Training Academy: Superman game!

As you know, despite his great powers, even Superman needs help in his fight. When dealing with dire foes or gangs of villains, he has to find some good allies! Therefore, Kal-El is one of the founders of the Justice League, a legendary team of heroes. Joined by Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and other famous DC characters, he can go up against anyone! You can help him organize the team and put their powers to good use against Darkseid in the Brink of Apokolips game!

Finally, Superman Games are perfect for anyone who needs a dose of heroism. The fight between good and evil never ends. However, when you join the hero of this series, you know you're on the right side of this battle!

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