Justice League Training Academy: Superman

Become worthy of one of the mightiest teams in the world with the Justice League Training Academy: Superman game! Practice fighting skills with a legend!

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About Justice League Training Academy: Superman Game

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Enroll in one of the most intense training regimens in the Justice League Training Academy: Superman game! Look no further if you've ever wanted to fight alongside the most famous superhero, Superman! You have the invitation to enter the Justice League's training base and test your skills in extreme conditions.

Are you ready to start fighting? The academy has built hundreds of robots designed to challenge your fighting skills and push them to the edge. However, in the company of Superman, no fight is impossible!

How to Play

Here are the moves you should know:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move around. 

 - Spacebar: Punch. 

As with any training program, you'll start with a manageable level and gradually move on to more challenging steps. No matter where you are within the game, you only have one mission: beat up all the robots and don't let them touch you!

The trick in this game is to move quickly and precisely, not letting any enemies touch you. If they land a punch, your energy bar at the top of the screen will run out. Superman can only take a couple of hits before he's too exhausted, and the game ends. Therefore, you should be light on your feet to move on to the next level! Otherwise, you'll start from the beginning!

At the same time, watch out for unexpected threats! Bombs and grenades will drop from the ceiling, forcing you to move constantly. Besides, your enemies will also become stronger and more resistant as you advance. That's a sure way to improve your skills!

At the end of this challenge, you'll find out if you're worthy of becoming a member of the Justice League! You'll even receive a rank. However, you mustn't get discouraged if you're only a civilian on the first try. If you keep practicing with Superman, soon you'll become a great fighter. After all, there's no better teacher than the most famous teacher in the world!