Save Metropolis

Help Superman collect all the falling debris before it hits the ground in the Save Metropolis game! There's no better way to prove your agility and speed!

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About Save Metropolis Game

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Fly around with Superman and collect dangerous debris with the Save Metropolis game! This time, it looks like the building where the Daily Planet's office has started to disintegrate. A ton of wreckage is falling from the sky, threatening to smash into the people below. Yikes!

Luckily, Clark Kent, a journalist that works in the building, can save all his fellow citizens from an untimely death. You might also know him as Superman!

The game consists of 5 levels, each challenging you to collect as much debris as possible. You'll have to improve your speed and precision in every stage of the game to move on. It'll take a lot of skill to save Superman's beloved city from another disaster!

How to Play

If you've never flown with Superman, you'll be surprised how easy it is. Here is how you do it:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Steer and smash debris.

 - Up arrow key: Tap to slow down and discard the wreckage.

Each level will start with you flying next to the impressive skyscraper building. Your goal is to catch as many pieces of flying wreckage as possible, each increasing your score by 50 points. They move pretty fast, so you'll have to be agile!

However, make sure you avoid all the green pieces! They're Kryptonite, Superman's only weakness. Therefore, you'll have to avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, you'll lose 500 points. Ouch!

What else you should know

The last part of each level involves Superman grabbing a large structure, such as a heavy telescopic antenna. After catching it, try to slow down and find a place to leave it. Can you put it down before Superman crashes into the ground? It all depends on you and how fast you can tap!

With some luck and a lot of agility, you'll manage to save Metropolis and its inhabitants from disaster. However, even if you don't succeed at first, you'll have a ton of fun practicing in the company of Superman. After all, nothing is more fun than flying and using your impressive superpowers!