Metropolis Defender

Can you smash up as many meteors as possible in the Metropolis Defender game? Superman is the only one who can save the city, but he'll need your help!

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About Metropolis Defender Game

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Prove your speed and agility alongside the mighty Superman in the Metropolis Defender game! The famous newspaper, the Daily Planet, has announced that many meteorites will crash into the city. Can you guess who can save it? That's right! Superman is here to save his beloved city from destruction. However, it'll take a lot of speed, coordination, and agility on his side!

Can you help your favorite superhero keep up in this fast-paced challenge? Your mission is to destroy the meteors before they reach the ground. However, it's also a lot of fun, as working alongside Superman will surely raise your adrenaline levels!

How to Play

Have you ever wanted to fly around like Superman and use his powers? Here is how you can do it:

 - Arrow keys: Control flight direction.

 - Shift: Speed up. 

 - Spacebar: Use Heat Vision.

Before you start flying around, it's a good idea to check out the map in the upper right corner of the screen. It will help you know where each meteor is and prioritize the one closer to the ground. Once you have decided which is the greatest threat, head toward it at maximum speed and smash into the asteroid to destroy it. All you have to do is fly through it before it's too late!

Each time you miss one of the rocks, it'll crash into Metropolis, causing mayhem and destruction. Besides, it will make your danger bar fill up. If it's full before the end of the level, the game is over, and you have to start the entire game from the beginning. Yikes!

What else you should know

Yet, not all meteors are the same! Some of them aren't just ordinary rock - they're Kryptonite. Therefore, Superman can't touch them! However, he can use his Heat Vision to obliterate them. Every time you accidentally graze against one, you'll deplete Superman's energy bar. 

Can you accomplish the goal at the beginning of each level? If so, you'll move on to the next stage and challenge your skills further. However, even if you fail, you can start from the beginning and fly with Superman above his beloved city of Metropolis. It's so thrilling!