Red Skull and Crossbones

Join in on the adventure with the Captain America: Red Skull and Crossbones game! Evil is threatening the people of Washington, D.C. once more!

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Play the Captain America: Red Skull and Crossbones game to experience some genuinely thrilling battles! The most patriotic and powerful American is confronted with evil once more. He needs to protect the city of Washington, D.C. from the evil intentions of HYDRA agents. What is more, you will get to encounter some of his most feared enemies. One of them is Brock Rumlow, a former SHIELD agent who has turned against the forces of good. Now he is known under the name of Crossbones. The other one is a menacing Nazi with a gruesome appearance, named Red Skull. Isn't it horrifying? 

Fortunately, Captain America benefits from the help of an exceptional partner. Did you know that Peggy Carter, a skilled fighter and strategist, used to be his right hand during the war? Now you benefit from the help of her equally-talented niece, Sharon Carter. So, are you ready for adventure?

Complete your mission and save Washington, D.C.!

The game consists of six levels that will take you all through Captain America's home town. You will need to find and disable the toxic cans and bombs that your archenemy have planted everywhere! From the streets to famous museums, you will explore many unexpected locations in this thrilling game!

The gameplay is typical for any action adventure game. You can control your hero by using the arrows on your keyboard. Double press the left or right ones to have Captain dash towards his target. Press the Z key to punch, and press X to hit. If you need to dodge a powerful hit, use the C key. What is more, you can press space to use the Stars and Stripes Shield Toss. Remember that this power move is available only when your Energy bar is 50% or 100% full.

Be fast and efficient to succeed!

The objective in each level is to complete the goals before the time runs out, while simultaneously killing off all the enemies in your path. Keep an eye on the chronometer at the top of the screen! You should also make sure you pay attention to the health bar at the top left corner and regularly replenish it by picking up the green vials. If it gets completely depleted, you will need to restart the level, and your progress will be lost.  While you're there, glance at the energy bar and see if you can perform a special attack to get out of a sticky situation!

Get ready for the final battle! You will need to confront many powerful characters in your journey, from the menacing HYDRA agent Crossbones to Red Skull, the evil Nazi! However, I am sure that you will manage to put the skills acquired so far to good use! Dodge incoming attacks, pay attention to patterns, and deplete your foes health bar as fast as you can. It's the only way to lead Captain America to victory and protect the people of Washington!