Chitauri Takedown

Raise your adrenaline levels with The Incredible Hulk: Chitauri Takedown game! How many of the alien ships can you take down with Hulk's immense strength?

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About Chitauri Takedown Game

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Play The Incredible Hulk: Chitauri Takedown game if you are a Marvel fan looking for adventure! Have you heard about this strange alien species? The Chitauri are a powerful reptilian warrior race that function as a hive mind. Naturally, their advanced technology makes their ships nearly indestructible. As you can imagine, the damage that they can do is considerable!

What happens when the evil aliens attack the city? This job is for a Marvel hero with superhuman strength! This game allows you to play Hulk's role, as you smash to the ground as many ships as you can. Destroy your foes and help the city become safer!

The game consists of an endless race through the city. More precisely, each run ends when you run out of momentum and can't jump anymore. The further you manage to go, the bigger your final score will be! Can you establish a new high score?

How to Play

Before you can start smashing, you will need to perform a starting jump. Picking the right jump power and angle is very important! To begin with, keep a close eye on the red meter on the right side of the screen. Can you click at the right moment and achieve maximum strength? Next, go ahead and pick an angle for your leap by clicking again when the indicator reaches the desired position!

Let's start smashing! As soon as you see one of the enemy ships, click to land on it and destroy it. This move will move you ahead in the game and fill up Hulk's Destruction Meter as well. Jumping from one ship to another is essential if you want to maintain momentum! Therefore, you need to be agile, as well as powerful!

Don't worry if you have landed on the pavement! There is still one more way to score points. Have you filled up your Destruction Meter? It grants you a final blow that can increase your score and help you break your record! It's so fun to jump around and smash stuff when you play the role of Hulk, a mighty marvel superhero!