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Experience the overwhelming green power of a famous Marvel hero in the Hulk VS game! Can you beat up all the enemies and reach the citadel of Asgard?

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Hit, smash, and run in the Hulk VS game! I am sure you have heard by now about the impressive green beast and member of the Avengers team. You might also know that he isn't just a brute! This scientist has been affected by gamma-radiation and acquired incredible powers and a new appearance! However, rage and violence are what transforms him into a powerful monster.

Consequently, he had to learn how to control his overwhelming power! Bruce Banner's anger management issues have turned him into an anti-hero of the Marvel Universe from time to time. Can you believe that?

This time you get to join Hulk in an unprecedented adventure! Can you go against Wolverine, the powerful X-man in the Canadian wilderness?  Do you dare to enter Asgard and confront Thor, the son of Odin? Get ready for the confrontation of a lifetime!

Punch and smash your way to the end of the level!

The game consists of three exciting levels that will have you exploring three different environments. You start in a secret laboratory, then escape to the Canadian wilderness, making your way to the fortress of Asgard. There, you will have to confront powerful Norse sentinels and an epic final enemy. Progress from one stage of the game to another with great care, as you will have to restart from the beginning with every failure. Do you think you can handle this unique challenge? 

The gameplay is typical for any fighting and adventure game. To control Hulk, use the four arrow keys. Press and hold them to make your hero run towards his target. Press Z to jump, and use the X and C keys to jump and kick at your foes. Do you need a touch of extra power? Press the space bar to activate the Hulk Smash move. However, you should remember that your Rampage meter needs to be either half-full or complete to grant you this ability!

The goal in each level is to defeat all the enemies in your way without depleting your health bar. You can also refill it by collecting the radioactive green vibes. Remember to check out your status by glancing at the top left corner of the screen!

Are you ready for the final confrontation?

Are you skilled enough to defeat an enemy? You will encounter a wide range of challenges, from powerful foes to those who use range weapons against you. To successfully overcome them, you need to master multiple fighting techniques. One of the most useful ones is using combo moves! Punch many enemies repeatedly to increase the power of your punches and earn extra points. Awesome, right?!

The final confrontation will have you face unexpected challenges. Are you brave enough to attack and beat the mighty Thor? He will truly put your skills to the test. Beware of his imminent lightning attacks and dodge his powerful hammer hits! This thrilling game will push your limits and make your adrenaline levels skyrocket!