Money Movers 3

Play the Money Movers 3 game to put your coordination and agility to the test! Lead both the guard and the dog through the labyrinth to catch the villain!

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Catch the baddie and recover the stolen cash in the Money Movers 3 game! Have you ever wanted to become the hero of an action-packed chase? You'll play the role of a guard, as well as his highly trained dog. When the alarm goes off, you have to rush to the corridors filled with safes and find the villains as soon as possible. Make sure you stun them first before making the guard use the shackles!  

Can you get past all 20 levels? You'll need to coordinate the actions of the two characters very carefully to achieve this goal. You can even play with a friend by sharing the same keyboard. How well can you cooperate? This exciting challenge will test your agility, reflexes, and puzzle-solving skills. Try your hand at catching burglars!

How to Play 

Are you ready to start this wild chase? Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move the guard around the labyrinth. To control the dog, you need to use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows. Chase down the villains carefully, using the dog to stun the burglar. As soon as the baddie gets caught, make the guard head over there and put the shackles on him. You got him now!

Don't forget about the bags of money! The thieves have dropped three in each level. Can you collect them all and gain a high score? You'll need to solve all the puzzles perfectly and show off your platforming skills to succeed.

Mae use of every object you see! There are plenty of buttons and switches that control elevators and barriers. Most of the time, one of the characters will need to trigger a mechanism to allow the other one to advance. Besides, both characters can also take out the baddies by using lasers or dumping objects on top of them. There's nothing more awesome than watching the burglars go down!

If you love both platform games and puzzle challenges, this game is for you! The thrilling atmosphere will also raise your adrenaline levels. Can you think of something more exciting than chasing down the bad guys and recovering stolen money? Bring justice and return the cash to the rightful owners! The guard and his highly trained dog need your help!