The Ice Temple

Join Fireboy and Watergirl for a new and thrilling adventure in The Ice Temple game! Can you synch up your moves and handle the snowy labyrinths?

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About The Ice Temple Game

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Get ready to face new challenges with The Ice Temple game! Are you skilled enough to control the adorable characters Fireboy and Watergirl? 

The two heroes are incredibly different, but their unusual qualities are their only key to success. They need to combine their skills and cooperate perfectly to solve the intricate puzzles in each level. Can you help them make sense of this dangerous situation?

Step inside the terrifying corridors and make a plan to reach the exit! You should keep in mind that Fireboy can't reach some corners of the scene, and the same goes for his partner. What is more, the new installment of the series will bring in some exciting new features!

Get the hang of the basics!

The game consists of 36 exciting levels, which will keep you on your toes. Move from level to level by guiding your characters towards the door marked with their symbol. However, there's a cool feature about the Fireboy and Watergirl series. There are so many paths available for an explorer of the Ice Temple! If you get stuck on a particular stage of the game, try something new to gain some more experience!

There's nothing easier than controlling the two main characters. Fireboy can be controlled using the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrows. To move Watergirl, press the W, S, A, and D Keys. This allows you to play by yourself, or even find a gaming buddy that you can share your keyboard with. Isn't that awesome?

Your goal is to get both of your heroes to the appropriate doors. Even if it sounds straightforward at first, the intricate puzzles are bound to challenge your abilities. Let's not forget that some areas can only be accessed by one of the two main characters! Fire will kill Watergirl, and water will extinguish Fireboy. Can you use their combined abilities to reach success?

Can you handle the icy dangers?

The main challenge of the game is to use the objects within each level wisely to surpass the obstacles. Boulders, boxes, levers, or buttons are some of the basic tools in your adventure. Make sure that you trigger them in the correct order to surpass anything standing between the heroes and the exit!

Let it snow! This game brings some new flavors to the Fireboy and Watergirl series by adding two elements: ice and snow. As you would expect, the two protagonists will react differently to these elements. Fireboy quickly moves when walking on ice or snow, while Watergirl is painstakingly slow. However, she is the only one who can climb ramps. Remember that neither of your characters can jump on snow or ice!

Another exciting addition is the fact that you can use light beams to turn water into ice or even the other way around. This allows Fireboy to reach new places by avoiding his greatest weakness: water. Use this feature wisely to help you reach the end of the level!

You will also encounter many other difficult challenges, original puzzles, and interesting mechanics to explore. For instance, you will become familiar with the timed pushers, which will force you to be as quick as you can! Do you think you are skilled enough to help Fireboy and Watergirl escape the terrifying Ice Temple?

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