Lunch Defense

Help Oggy protect his food in Lunch Defense game. Crush the Cockroaches that crave a bite of your fries and do not let them steal from the plate!

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Did it ever happen to you to have some munchies and some soda and be ready to relax when disaster stoke and some little siblings came to steal bits from your food? Well, this is happening to Oggy in Lunch Defense game. Truly horrendous. Nobody likes to have their food taken by anybody, especially when you plan to have some personal time. 

Just think about all the time wasted in the preparation of the food and how everything got ruined so fast. This time it is not you who is in danger of having a ruined meal, but Oggy. He hardly managed to get some fries, and now the hungry cockroaches are planning to have a bite too, only that their bits are quite significant. Besides, they never feel full, so they are continually snicking food. Help our favorite cat to save the lunch and scare away the bugs.

How to Play

As they approach the plate, try to smash them on the table so they would not even get near to the fries. Do not hesitate too much because with their little feet they move faster than you would expect, and they are also mischevious.; they will hide behind object on the table so you cannot punch them.

Click on them when you are ready to hit but try to avoid knocking everything at random because you will lose time and fries. Do not waste time on feeling sorry for the bug because, in a blink of an eye, there will be another one there craving your food. When you are left without anything on the plate, it means that it is game over.

Good luck in saving Oggy's lunch and crush as many bugs as you can!