Oggy the Racing

Race against other characters in Oggy the Racing game! Grab your bike and see who can win a plate of delicious fries. You only need to use the arrow keys!

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About Oggy the Racing Game

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What do you do when you cannot decide who should take something or who should do something? You race, of course, like in Oggy the Racing game! Either if it is about who is going to hide their face and count to ten or who has to catch the others, you can organize a short race to see who is going to do what. It is a fair way to decide, and nobody gets sad and most important, it is fun!

This is how our favorite cat and his friends determine what is going to happen too, namely, who is going to keep that plate full of tasty food. They have taken out their bikes and gathered at the start.

How to Play

Choose your favorite character, be him Oggy or his cousin or one of the cockroaches.  Each one go as fast as the others, so you do not have to choose by size to win.

Riding the bike might be simple for you in real life, but here and now it is a little bit more complicated.  You can control the one that you have chosen using the arrow keys. The up arrow will make him move forward, while the left and right arrow keys will balance him.

Whenever you have the chance to spice things up, or you find yourself a bit behind the other racers, press S for a boost of speed that will take you far away.

The race has many obstacles over which you have to pass; for an inexperienced biker that means lots of balancing. Here is where the two arrow keys mentioned before come in handy. When you incline too much on either side, press one of the keys to go back to a more stable position. 

Good luck!