Chasing the Roaches

Play Oggy: Chasing the Roaches game and solve the puzzle. Only click on the pieces and drag them to their place to restore the original image!

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Can you restore the original image in Chasing the Roaches game? Either if you are a little child or maybe older, puzzles are a thing that can challenge everybody, regardless of age. Probably that is why they have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, entertaining everyone who decided that he or she is going to do one for some fun at home. 

Because many pieces are laying around, you can always call your friends for help, ending up in having buckets of fun together. Doing a puzzle can also be a family activity that makes the bond between members even stronger, and it also transforms the awkward silence into laughter.

But what happens when you mix your favorite TV show with a puzzle? Well, you get a game like this.

How to Play

Here an iconic frame from the show where Oggy is running after the three bugs is broken into many pieces si that it becomes a puzzle. No more boring pictures with horses and flowers, now we finally have something interesting.

This game not only features a cute image that will not be an eyesore but also has two levels of difficulty. You can choose between an easy one and a harder one. I suggest you do them both, not only because it is entertaining but also because you will get to the more difficult one gradually.

Whenever you need a hand, there is no need to call for help because there is a question mark puzzle that once pressed, will move one piece to its place to help you a bit. Do not abuse it though because that would be cheating and nobody likes a cheater.

Now go ahead and play!