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Play Time Warped game and travel back and forth in time with Oggy and the Cockroaches! Gather all the time fragments from different historical eras!

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Imagine what would happen if you managed to travel back and forth through time as Oggy does in Time Warped game. You would probably see remarkable things and even some that have never been seen through the eyes of a human. Just think about sitting a couple of feet away from a dinosaur, marvelous!

Time travel might have some secondary effects, though, because those kinds of creatures might see you just like a juicy piece of meat for their dinner or even dessert. Besides, who knows if the far future is friendly? Maybe robots are in charge, and they do not like their primitive ancestors to intrude into their businesses.

Fortunately or not, our friendly cat Oggy succeeded in getting his hands on a time machine and somehow messed everything up. He and the cockroaches are traveling now through time trying to sort everything out before it is too late to go back home.

How can you help them you ask? Well, first of all, you will need to have a good set of skills on guiding characters around when great danger awaits at every corner. Second of all, you have to have a great love for Oggy as well as his companions.

How to Play

The game itself is simple; you have to go through all the eras and collect the time fragments that were scattered all over the place. In total there are twenty-four fragments which are laying in unknown locations so you will have to search for them.

On your way, you will also have to collect the missing orange puzzle pieces. There are six of them in each zone, and since you are already searching for those cristal fragments, you might as well get those puzzles too.

Once you get into the game, you will find yourself in a place named the Time Room. Here you will notice a gate that leads to every age and parts of eras. It is a pretty big room, and you will have to choose whichever period you like.

Right next to each door, you will see a panel that tells you how many pieces of time fragments you have gathered from each period. This way, you can keep track of what you have been doing.

Useful Tips and Tricks

I suggest you start with the eras in chronological order because, as you get further in time, the levels get more difficult too. That means you should start with the Prehistoric one, continue to the Medieval Age, then move through the Victorian one and finish with the Future era. This way, you will pass through different periods gradually, and you will not find anything too complicated.

After selecting the level, guide Oggy or the cockroaches around using the arrows to move and jump. The cat has the power to double jump when the space-bar or the up arrow key was pressed two times very fast. Also, whenever he has too little life, he can sleep a bit and heal. To do that press either X or the down arrow, but remember that healing will cost you coins!

Apart from looking funny, the cockroaches can fit in small places where the cat couldn't even dream of going, and they can also hide from enemies when you press X or the down arrow.

Have fun and don't mess up the past or the future!