Food Face Off

Have fun with Oggy: Food Face Off game! Play as the cat and throw balloons at the thieves, or play as the Cockroaches and snuck food out of the fridge!

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Whether you hate it when all those cockroaches manage to achieve their goals and that their plans are almost always pretty good, or you like how our cat finds a way to stand against them and the mischiefs that they plan,  Oggy: Food Face Off game is for those who are undecided between these two options. Now you can decide on which part you are on and play along whoever you choose!

Since it might be challenging to determine at first, let me explain what this is all about. Once you open the game, either you can click on Oggy and play in his version of things, or you can go straight for the cockroach trio and see what they are cooking.

Defeat all the Cockroaches while playing as Oggy

Let us suppose that you want to play as the cat first. To begin with, you will have to choose the level of difficulty before really playing. Pick the easy or medium or go crazy and test your skills in the hard one, it is all your choice! I suggest going for the easy one if it is your first time playing around here though, there's no shame in that, you are just practicing. 

After that, you will see the instructions which, as always, are simple and clear, then finally the game. Help Oggy stop these annoying bugs from stealing all the food in the kitchen. They have found a way of getting to everything, and now they are taking the opportunity to leave you without anything to eat.

The good thing is that our cat is always prepared for an emergency, and it had those water balloons ready for a long time already. Aim for the thieves and do not leave them any chance to escape. When you think you have got them, go ahead and press the space-bar key to throw the balloon at them. Do not worry if you missed because you can steer the cat to the left or right for another throw.

Here is a tip: once you press the button to launch the water balloon, there will be a couple of seconds until it will reach the target. Try to predict where the bugs will be when the projectile hits so they will not stand a chance.

To win the game, you need to catch ten roaches, but be careful, you are not allowed to miss more than five of them, or the game is as good as lost.

Steal all the food in the fridge when playing as Cockroaches

When you have had enough fun playing this game, go for the other half of it and see what it is like to be on the cockroaches' side. Select them and choose the difficulty level once again, and you are good to go. Try to go for the easy one, but if you think you can manage, nobody is going to stop you on choosing a higher difficulty. 

The three bugs seem a little more lively than the cat, and they are planning to steal every piece of food in the fridge. Who can blame them when there are so many delicacies around the place?

You need to control Dee Dee around using the arrow keys and guide him towards the marvelous pieces of food which appear on the shelves of the fridge. Grab them using the space-bar key and when ready, throw them to Joey and Marky to catch and eat. Try your best to aim for them while they are running from a place to the other.

If the cake or whatever you throw to them does not get near enough, it will crash on the ground, and your efforts will be useless. Predict where it will hit and train yourself to aim better.

Beware of the cat; he sees you and knows what your plans are. Now he is trying to get rid of you and your friends by throwing pool balls on the shelves. Maybe they do not seem such a danger for humans, but for a small cockroach, it surely is a death trap. Avoid them by jumping up or down, and you will not break a single antenna.

If you do not move quick enough, there is no problem because you can afford getting hit for three times before the game over for you. If you want a piece of advice, drop the food from as high as possible, this way you will get more points than throwing it from the lowest shelf.

Play with all those funny characters in the kitchen and not only and have buckets of fun! Good luck and try not to get hungry while playing!