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Play Oggy's Fries game and save the fries from the cockroaches! Make sure you punch all the bugs on time before they leave with your food!

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Oggy is so hungry that he could eat anything right now! He cooked some French fries, and he is ready to eat them, but the annoying cockroaches would not let him start his meal. You are his only hope for a happy meal. Help Oggy stop the cockroaches from stealing his food in the Oggy’s Fries game!

Using the mouse, control Oggy’s fist to hit the bad cockroaches before they get close to the plate and steel from Oggy’s fries. Oggy has twenty French fries, and he would love to have them all for himself.

You can gain points when you hit one of the three cockroaches: Joey, Dee Dee, or Marky. They plan on getting all the food for themselves and letting Oggy hungry.

How to Play

Whenever Dee Dee does a fly by the air raid on Oggy’s plate, make sure you punch him out as hard as you can, for even more points. Keep an eye all the time on Jack’s arm because he will try to grab your whole plate of munchies. You will have to slap him several times on the hand, as quickly as you can. If you succeed to do it, you will receive many extra points. If not, you will lose all your food and the game will be over.

The game ends when you run out of fries, due to the cockroaches which managed to steal them all. Be careful not to hit other objects on the table because you will only lose time, and of course, fries.

Make sure you hit those who want to let you without food before they get to your plate. It is easier for you to catch all the cockroaches before they have any fries because once they manage to have some chips, you will not be able to stop them anymore!