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Help Oggy take care of his daily activities in Oggy Moshi game! Take care of him, feed him, wash him, and send him to sleep whenever is necessary!

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Oggy is a cute little animal who would do anything to be your friend. Now the two of you could spend some time together, and you have the chance to know Oggy better while living with him and do all kind of routine activities together!  You also need to keep him alive in the Oggy Moshi game!

Oggy has to sleep, to eat, to wash, to watch TV and many other ordinary things that every person does. He needs to get through every single aspect of life for one day if you want him to survive.

Help Oggy with his daily activities!

Above Oggy’s head, will appear a small panel of different actions. Choose the ones that Oggy needs to do, taking into consideration his needs. While Oggy is doing something, you will not be able to use the panel, but you can clean the house from the bugs’ traps.

The moment Oggy finishes one action, you have to decide fast what you want him to do because otherwise he will decide for himself and the things that he will choose might not be the best ones. More than that, you cannot select the same option twice in a row. For example, if you asked Oggy to go to sleep, once he wakes up, he will not be able to do it again in the next second.

Be very careful at the cockroaches. They will try to bother Oggy in every possible way. You can click on the objects that the cockroaches have probably infested, and of course, clean them up. They can disturb Oggy’s sleep, they can hide under the bed sheets, in the toilet, in Oggy’s shower, on his medicine, or even they can break the TV cable and make Oggy fall down the stairs.

You should notice a little icon in the left upper corner of the screen. It describes Oggy’s status according to three different elements that Oggy needs in his daily life. You have to take care of his health, his tiredness, and his morals. Make sure that none of them reaches zero; otherwise, the game will be over. The health element has a red cross as a symbol, the moral component is looking similar to a shining sun, and a picture of the night represents the tiredness.

What else you should know

Oggy’s panel has some little symbols too. The Red Cross indicates that Oggy needs to use his medicine. The shower stands for Oggy brushing his teeth or taking a shower, while a cellphone implies that he will call his friends. Sometimes, Oggy also likes to spend some time in front of the TV. You can choose between two different programs to watch.

A little red flower means that it is time for Oggy to take care of his flower. Make sure that the dog will not visit your plant, or it dies. When you see the dog getting closer, click on it, and he will leave.

The music note means that Oggy will turn on his stereo system and start to dance. The toilet stands for him to use it, the “Z” symbol indicates that he will go to sleep and the food shows you that he will go and cook something. Oggy knows to cook only in two ways. Either he will fast microwave food, or he will do some regular home cooking.

One crucial aspect of the game is that if you manage to keep Oggy alive and happy for half an hour, you will be able to enter your name in the high score grid, with all the best players. All you need to do is make sure your score is close to three hundred when the time is up, or someone else will take your place.