Scooby-Doo: Monster Truck

Scooby-Doo developed a new passion for the Monster Truck game! Complete the races, collect all the coins, and help him build the fastest car there is!

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About Scooby-Doo: Monster Truck Game

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Showcase your driving skills in the exciting Monster Truck game! Scooby-Doo has discovered a new passion and requested your assistance! You need to help him drive the big car around different platforms! Follow your buddy and have fun with his newfound talent for massive cars!

The game has a total of three levels: Country Side, High Desert, and Spooky Forest. The first level is free, but for the other two, you have to pay a fee! To get them unlocked, play multiple times, and acquire more points! 

How to Play

The controls for this game are quite straightforward! Use the Right arrow to go straight forward, and the Left arrow to go backward! However, you can use a combination of the two for bonus incentives! Take care because these movements are sudden and can cause the car to crash!

Along the way, you will encounter colored coins! They have different values, and will help Scooby gain a lot of money! Moreover, there are gas cans that make sure your friend does not run out of fuel! Don’t miss any of them, and make sure you win the race!

What else you should know

After you play multiple times and get the hang of it, you can press on the Settings button! This will take you to your garage, where you can customize your monster car to be the best out there! Keep in mind that everything costs money, so you need to save up beforehand!  

You can increase the velocity, the hill climbing ability, and the jump height by buying a new engine! Also, suspensions increase stability at higher speeds! To upgrade the traction and control, purchase new tires, and for an increase in jump length, get the boost feature! 

Scooby has developed a new passion for racing cars! You need to help him build the fastest automobile there is! Complete the races and collect all the bonus coins! Scooby needs all the money he can get to purchase the expensive items that will transform his car into a monster truck!