Fix & Go Mystery Machine

The gang's car was damaged in the Fix & Go Mystery Machine. Mend the broken pieces and bring the vehicle back to life before the monster catches up!

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About Fix & Go Mystery Machine Game

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The tables have turned in the Fix & Go Mystery Machine game. If Scooby-Doo's gang is usually the one chasing the bad guys, today they are the ones running away! Maybe Fred's plan did not work out as they planned, or maybe Velma's calculations were not correct? Whatever the cause, we know for sure that something isn't right!

But it couldn't possibly get any worse, right? Well, not quite! Now the Mystery Machine has broken down. A moment of distraction and some careless driving could cause them serious trouble. Your aim here is to fix the car as quickly as you can before the monster catches up with the team!

How to Play

You don't need any special mechanic tools for this game or any fancy skills. Your mouse alone will suffice. You must use it to drag and drop the pieces in their place. Just click on an object to pick it, then release to let it go. 

To fix the car, you must, first of all, assess the damages of the vehicle. To do that, you ought to look closely at each component and judge whether it needs repairing. You might need to check for dents, cracks, and anything that could send the message that something doesn't look right.

When the damage is found, it is time to put it aside to fix it. You can do that by taking that part and throwing it into the recycling bin. A new and perfectly good one will pop up in a couple of seconds. 

The final and most challenging step is to put the new car components back in the place where you took it. Not only do you have to remember their positions, but you also have to struggle to find the right moment to shove them. Because they wobble a lot, you cannot insert them correctly from the beginning. Due to that, you have to wait for the exact moment and then release it!

What else you should know

Fixing a car is quite a difficult task, and everybody acknowledges that. This is why you were given five chances to do the right repairs. But don't let that give you a false sense of security! Once you run out of lives, the monster will get you!

You shouldn't lose any time you have on hand. You do have a timer that tells you how long you have left before you get caught by the angry fiend. 

Good luck being a mechanic for a short while! Have fun figuring out how a car works and fixing broken parts!