Ruff Rescue

Recover the lost puppies in the Scooby-Doo Doo Good: Ruff Rescue game! Search the abandoned mine and watch out for the evil Miner Forty-Niner!

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About Ruff Rescue Game

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Help the Mistery Inc get their animal friends back in the Scooby-Doo Doo Good: Ruff Rescue game! Scooby and the gang got lost in the middle of the desert and ended up at an old ghost town. While exploring, they heard something that sounded like barking from an old, abandoned gold mine.  But nothing could prepare them for what they found …

Your job is to help Scooby ditch off all the obstacles and rescue the little puppies from the mine. But be careful, for, in the dark corners of the cavern, the phantom of the notorious Miner Forty-Niner can still be seen to this day.  This is not a quest for the faint of heart! Do you think you’ve got what it takes for this challenge?

How to Play

Ruh-hu! It’s really dark and cold down here! We’d better start exploring the area as fast as possible, shall we? Your main job is to look for the lost puppies in the mine perimeters and reach out to them as quickly as possible. You can use the Arrow keys to move Scooby around. Mind that you can only go forward using the Up Arrow key, and sideways using the two lateral keys. 

As you go deeper into the gloomy cave, you will cross paths with many obstacles. From steep rocks to deep, shallow underground rivers and old, rusty railways, they all mean game over should you encounter them. Stones are easy to ditch, simply use the Left and Right arrow keys to avoid them.

To cross the railway, make sure to step in between minecarts and get out of there before they hit you, all by using the Up Arrow key at the right time. Rivers are a bit trickier, though. The only things floating above are some wooden tiles and barrels. You can hop on them to cross the watercourse by using the Up Arrow key.

Look out for the Miner Forty-Niner!

Sticks and stones are not the only obstacles that you will encounter. Every once in a while, the spooky Miner that still haunts the cave will make an appearance and try to catch you. Make sure not to be anywhere near him when he does that, or it will be game over for you!

You can collect Scooby Snacks for power-ups and a limited time of immunity. You’ll be able to cross rivers and ditch off the Miner while their effect still lingers. You can also see your score and the number of collected puppies at the top of the page. Try to withstand as long as possible in the run for a high score!

Based on how well you’ve done, at the end of the game, you can get the Bronze Rookie, the Golden one, or even the Diamond Rookie should you master the game. What do you say? Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled ride?