Food Frenzy

Scooby is gathering food for charity in the Scooby-Doo Doo Good: Food Frenzy game. Help him avoid monsters, harvest crops, and fill up the Mystery Machine!

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About Food Frenzy Game

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Help the Mistery Inc fight hunger in the Scooby-Doo Doo Good: Food Frenzy game! While on their day off, Scooby and the gang decided to give back to the community. They've volunteered at the local food drive and are now on the field, harvesting the crops. But their plan might have been highjacked. Before they could fill the Mistery Machine full of food, monsters began to appear!

Your job is to help Scooby outrun the ghouls and keep on collecting food until all the plantations are clear. In doing that, you will need all your skills and concentration to make your way through the maze. Use your logic to outsmart the monsters and lure them into the holes in the ground. Let's begin this haunted harvest, shall we?

How to Play

Zoinks! We must hurry! Otherwise, the monsters will start appearing, and our plan will be doomed. Once Scooby is inside the plantation, you can use the Arrow keys to move him around. 

Your main task is to collect as many vegetables as possible before the ghouls catch you. The gameplay is very similar to the famous Pac-Man, with 90 degrees twists and turns and fence-enclosed areas that have only one entry and one exit.

Once the Alarm Sign appears on the screen, there is no turning back! A monster will appear inside the garden's ground and will start chasing you.  You will need to run as fast as possible and try to ditch him off.

In doing that, a Scooby Snaks power-up might help you. It will enable you to destroy the fences and obstacles in your way, as well as make you immune to the various holes and traps in the ground. You can use that to your advantage, lure the ghouls into a hole and watch as they disappear into oblivion. Once you finish harvesting a plantation, you can move on to the next level!

You should also know ….

It's best not to get caught, but don't worry if you fall into the hands of a monster. Scooby will surely give you a second chance! And a third! And so on.

You can see your remaining number of lives at the top left corner of the screen. Based on your ability to stay alive as many levels as possible, you will get your score at the top of the page.

As you advance through the gameplay, the monsters will get faster and faster. Do you think you've got what it takes to withstand them? Let's find out!