The Crystal Temple

Experience one of the most challenging adventures with The Crystal Temple game! Fireboy and Watergirl desperately need your help to overcome the new perils!

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Join Fireboy and Watergirl in The Crystal Temple game to experience a very intense adventure puzzle game! If you are familiar with the earlier installments of the series, you must know that the two main characters of the series are quite different. However, the key aspect of all games is their amazing ability to cooperate towards their common goal. 

What would that be? Escaping the terrifying depths of the dark and creepy Crystal Temple. However, it won't be an easy task! Even if you are a seasoned fan of the series, some new elements might surprise you. Aren't you excited to discover them?

Run, jump, push, and slide!

The Crystal Temple has 36 rooms that you need to complete to reach the exit. Unlock the multiple stages of the game gradually and find your way through the complicated labyrinth! Can you solve every single puzzle?

It's quite easy to control the two main characters of this series. It's even easier if you have a trusted gaming buddy beside you. The first player needs to control Fireboy by using the Arrow Keys. Similarly, Watergirl can be operated by the second player using the W, A, S, and D keys. However, you can play the game on your one by using both hands. Do you think you are skilled and brave enough to go out there alone?

Your goal is very straightforward: bring the two characters in front of the appropriate exit door. However, rest assured that the way there will be far more complicated! 

You will come across many different types of obstacles. Some of them can only be surpassed by one of your two heroes! The solution to that problem is to use the many levers, see-saws, buttons, and platforms wisely. Aren't you excited to try?

Travel through magic portals!

As you might have realized by now, each new installment of the FIreboy and Watergirl games brings a new twist to this already exciting format. This time, the creators have really outdone themselves! So, what's the big idea?

Portals! Crystal portals allow players to teleport themselves to a different place on the board. Some portals must be activated by using devices. Did you know that portals can also teleport objects like boxes if you push them through?

Pay close attention to the colors on both sides of the portal! If you enter on the white side, you will get out on the white side as well! Even if it sounds quite simple, you will soon find how much trouble this feature can get you into if you aren't;t careful! Did you just teleport yourself into that puddle of deadly goo? That's too bad, try again!

Are you ready to experience an unbelievable adventure, joined by two adorable characters? Synchronization and teamwork are crucial, so make sure you and your teammates are on the same wave-length before you start! Are you playing alone? Quick reflexes and coordination are the keys to your success!

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