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Play the 8 ball pool game to prove your agility and skill when it comes to cue sports! Play against the computer or a friend, and start sinking the balls!

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Don't miss out on the 8 ball pool game if you feel a little bored! Can you think of a more popular challenge? People have been trying this past-time for years, whether we're talking about playing in real life or an online environment. Are you ready to give it a try? You'll have a lot of fun!

Are you having trouble finding a suitable opponent? Don't worry! For every match you play, you get to choose to play against a friend or the computer. How impressive! What is more, you can pick out how skilled your opponent is on a scale from one to nine. Can you take on a pro, or do you need to start with an enemy that is easier to beat? The choice is up to you!

How to Play

Luckily, you don't need a cue, balls, or a pool table to start the game. Your mouse is the only necessary tool! To make your first shot, move your cursor to adjust the angle of the cue. As you might know, if you have played pool before, you can only hit the white ball directly.

Next, it's time to pick the power of your first shot. To do so, click and drag backward, taking a close look at the meter at the side of your cue. The more it fills up, the more strength your shot will have. 

Can you see the six holes at the edges of the pool table? Your goal is to push seven balls in these pockets. However, you can't hit them directly with your cue! All hits need to be indirect, using the white ball.

How do you decide which balls you need to put in? It's easy! As you might have noticed, there are two types of balls: striped and solid. The first player who puts in a ball has to stick to the same type throughout the game. 

What else you should know

Next, let's talk about how to win this game! What makes this challenge so interesting is the fact that it tests both your skill and strategy. If you manage to aim correctly and put a ball in one of the holes, you can take another shot. Keep doing this until your first miss!

The more good moves you make, the better your chances of winning. Even if you can't put one of your balls in the hole, you can at least put your opponent in a difficult situation.

Once you are down to the last ball, aim for the black one to secure your victory.  Be smart and try your best!