Emolga's Treetop Roundup

Play the Emolga's Treetop Roundup game and gather Berries at the speed of light! Connect all the Berries before they disappear and earn a bunch of points!

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About Emolga's Treetop Roundup Game

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Test your skills and become a master at gathering Pokemon Berries in the Emolga's Treetop Roundup game! The adorable Pokemon Emolga loves eating all kinds of Berries and sharing them with her friends! But first, she must gather them! With quick moves and lots of enthusiasm, Emolga is the perfect Pokemon for that! Will you help the lovely creature collect all the Berries?

You need to be fast moves to beat this challenge! Your job is to connect as many Berries as possible before they reach the bottom of your screen! Collect the more special Berries and receive extra points! You can even spice it up and go crazy in the Fever mode! Time to catch all the falling Berries!

How to Play

The only tool you need in this game is your mouse or your finger if using a touchscreen device! Click or touch and drag to connect the falling Berries. The goal is to collect as many as possible without letting them reach the ground! Once they're connected, just release your click or take your finger off the screen to gather them before disappearing!

You can get a huge score if you connect a bunch of the Berries, no matter the type. However, the Tomato Berries will give you bonus points when added to the pile. Make sure you catch them fast, as they fall quicker than the rest of the Berries!

The meter on the Left side of your screen will fill up as you connect Berries! When it reaches maximum, you will go into Fever mode! More Berries will fall on your screen, and you will have the chance to double or even triple your score before the time runs out!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you master the art of collecting Berries as quickly as possible? Emolga's got your back!