Pokémon Tick-Tock Walk

Play the Pokémon Tick-Tock Walk game and tackle the block courses like a champion! Fill the gaps with the blocks, collect keys and help the toys across!

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About Pokémon Tick-Tock Walk Game

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Play around with the tiny Pokemon toys in the Pokémon Tick-Tock Walk game! Tackle fun obstacle courses where timing is crucial! You shouldn't miss this game if you are a fan of challenges that require thought and planning! You must be creative and quick to get through all the different levels. Can you help the toys make it to the exit?

The goal of this game is to provide a safe journey for the Pokemon toys. That means you start from their initial point to the key and the exit. There are things to think of during the level, like the time limit or the type of blocks you need to fill the gaps! You can also collect bonuses! Let's get to work!

How to Play

The only tool for putting blocks here and there is your mouse. Select the block by clicking on it, then place it in one of the gaps. The primary goal is to help the Pokemon toy collect the key for the exit door. Once that's done, you will have to guide the little toy toward the end of the level.

Other than the key, you should also collect stars and coins! The role of the stars is quite impressive. The more you gather, the more bonus time you will receive. They vary in size, where the biggest ones will offer more time than the tiny ones.

There are also other types of blocks that you can build into your bridge. For instance, the SuperBlocks mainly add challenges to your game, like increased or decreased speed. Another kind of block is the Type Blocks, which can be Fire, Grass, or Water. Depending on which Pokemon steps on them, they can add or take away time.

What else you should know

At the beginning of your game, you can select either Practice Mode or Special Mode. They come with different levels or even increased difficulty! Whatever mode you choose, have fun and focus!

Remember, there is a time limit to your level and your blocks. If you place them into the gap way before the Pokemon crosses, they might disappear, so keep in mind this is a matter of timing!

You can earn Trainer Tokens immediately by completing one of the Practice Mode levels. Another way to receive them is by getting over one hundred thousand score points!

Since you know the ins and outs of this game, will you manage to get the tiny Pokemon toys across? Build a strong bridge and guide them to safety!