Zorua and Zoroark's Puzzle Pack

Play the Zorua and Zoroark's Puzzle Pack and impress your Pokemon friends with your skills! Put the pieces together and complete the image in time!

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About Zorua and Zoroark's Puzzle Pack Game

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Join the two Pokemon in putting the pieces together in the Zorua and Zoroark's Puzzle Pack! If you can't wait to see your Pokemon friends and love the challenge of a classic puzzle, this is your game! Zorua and Zoroark are buzzing to test your puzzle-solving skills and see the complete picture at the end!

Your goal in this game is pretty simple. Drag the pieces to the board and solve the puzzle to see the image behind it! With some concentration and enthusiasm, you can complete the picture just before the time runs out! Will you take on the challenge and finish the puzzle?

How to Play

Puzzles are not easy to put together, but you will only need your mouse for this one. Click on a piece, drag it to the board, and place it in its rightful spot. If the puzzle piece belongs there, you will hear a clicking sound, and you won't be able to move it again.

Choose between the Easy and the Challenging modes at the beginning of your game. You will get more puzzle pieces to put together as you pick the hardest difficulty.

You will also earn Trainer Tokens every time you complete the puzzle. You can get another every time you earn more than one hundred thousand points! This is the way to become a legend amongst trainers!

What else you should know

If you're stuck and need some help, you can always click on the "See complete image" button! You will get a preview of the finished picture and guide you toward your next move!

Try not to forget that there is a timer on the bottom right side of your screen! Although you get a lot of time to complete the puzzle, finishing it on time will gift you some extra points!

Now that you know the ins and outs of this challenge, will you be able to complete the puzzle and reveal the picture before the timer runs out?