Scraggy's Headbutt Blast

Relax by smashing watermelons, rocks, and diamonds in Scraggy's Headbutt Blast game! Can you find the weak spot and smash up many objects in a row?

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About Scraggy's Headbutt Blast Game

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Help a Lizard Pokemon smash objects in Scraggy's Headbutt Blast game! Like most fighting Pokemon, Scraggy loves to spend his time destroying stuff, such as rocks and fruit. As you can imagine, headbutting stuff can be a thrilling activity! Would you like to blow off some steam in the company of this captivating creature?

The game consists of a 30-second round where your goal is to smash as many objects as possible. Whether we're talking about rocks, diamonds, and watermelons, they all have a weak spot. Find it, then hit it as hard as you can to move on to the next object!

How to Play

Smashing stuff couldn't be easier! You just have to pick a place on the object by moving your cursor. Next, click to make Scraggy hit it! Every successful hit will deplete the health bar on the left side of the screen. Try your best to do this swiftly, and move on to the next object!

Have you noticed that each object has a weak zone? For your first hits, the spot will be indicated by a target. However, in time, you'll have to learn to figure out the weak spot on your own. Just click anywhere, and read the score of the hit. The bigger it is, the closer you are to the sweet spot. Who knows? Maybe you'll be lucky and hit it on the first try!

Luckily, you can use some extra when running out of time! Click on one of the three purple icons at the top of the screen to use Scraggy's X accuracy skills! It will show you where you have to hit to destroy the object on the first try. Wow!

How many objects can you smash in a row? At the end of the round, find out how well you did. Besides, you'll also get points for combos. The more watermelons, diamonds, and rocks you can smash quickly one after the other, the closer you'll get to the high score leaderboard.

Either way, you'll surely let off some steam in the company of this Lizard Pokemon!