Bounsweet's Bouncy Adventure

Play Bounsweet's Bouncy Adventure game and enjoy a fun day with your new Pokemon! Bounce off the ground and through the purple gates to gain points!

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About Bounsweet's Bouncy Adventure Game

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Enjoy a sunny day in nature with your Pokémon friend in the Bounsweet's Bouncy Adventure game! Bounsweet is a very cheerful Pokémon and a lovely companion! Whenever he's around, there is no boredom, only fun! Thanks to his ball-like body, he enjoys bouncing around the grassy meadows. Will you join your lovely Pokémon friend in his jumping adventure?

Bouncing around is entertaining, and your job in this game includes that! All you have to do is jump through the purple gates and have a little fun during it! Just watch out for the fireballs, as they might damage your Pokémon! Collect the points and stay off the ground as much as possible!

How to Play

To become a bouncing champion, you only need your mouse or a finger on your touchscreen device! Click or tap your screen to quickly drag down Bounsweet downward. Bounce from the ground and high up in the air to pass through the purple gates! Try to avoid all the obstacles in your way. It's all about timing, so make sure you don't bounce back too soon!

Although the fireballs scattered in the air don't seem very scary, they can hurt your adorable Pokemon friend! Try not to run into them or drag Bounsweet down before he can fall on them, or it will be game over!

The purple energy gates should be your main focus in this game. Try getting Bounsweet to jump through them, and you will receive points. Bounce through multiple gates in a row, and your score will multiply several times!

Are you excited about this jumpy adventure with your Pokémon companion? No time to sit around!