Alolan Volcanic Panic

Play the Alolan Volcanic Panic game and save the Pokemon world from the volcano! Shoot to break the element rocks and protect your companions from damage!

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About Alolan Volcanic Panic Game

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Save the Pokemon world from a looming threat in the Alolan Volcanic Panic game! Join your friends in their quest to rescue all the Pokemon and protect the lovely realm of Alolan! The angry volcano is spewing element cinders everywhere! Work together and form the dream team! Will you become the hero of the story and save your Pokemon friends?

Although it's not an easy task, your job in this game is to switch between Pokemons and shoot at the incoming rocks to break them! Grab Berries for extra powers and match the elements to destroy the boulders quickly! Try not to miss them! The Pokemon world is counting on you!

How to Play

To save the world, you'll only need your mouse and keyboard. Aim and click to shoot the falling cinders and break them into pieces. If a cinder hits the ground, it will damage your Pokemon, so avoid it if you can. Use the arrow keys to switch the Pokemon whenever you need a different element.

Each Pokemon is more effective against a particular element cinder. For example, the Fire-type Pokemon will be better against the Grass-type boulder but weaker against a Water-type one! Make perfect matches when shooting to receive extra points!

You can also shoot Berries for power-ups! The yellow Sitrus Berry will restore some of your health, while the red Tomato Berry will destroy all the cinders on your screen! If you shoot a blue Oran Berry, your firepower and range will increase for a few seconds. Take advantage of these power-ups and collect as many points as possible!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you join your Pokemon buddies and save Alolan from the furious volcano? Let's see how brave you are!