Gastly's Hidden Haunt

Play the Gastly's Hidden Haunt game and enjoy a twisted Hide and Seek round! Move around the haunted house to find all the spider webs and the Pokemon!

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About Gastly's Hidden Haunt Game

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Keep your spooky Pokemon friend company on a scary night in the Gastly's Hidden Haunt game! Gastly loves to use the dark to his advantage, hide in small corners and then jump out to scare his pals! Even if you are not a fan of jump scares, the tiny ghost Pokemon will entertain you with a little game of Hide-and-Seek!

Although it might seem pretty terrifying, your goal in this game is to find Gastly in an old dark house full of spider webs. If you get them all, the Pokemon is bound to reveal his location as many times as necessary! Try to get him in time and use the powerups to make your experience more fun! Can you find the friendly ghost?

How to Play

You will need your mouse and keyboard to enjoy and do well in this challenge! Press the arrow keys to move quickly around the house and spot the spider webs! Once you do, click on them with your mouse and collect the points!

To find all the spider webs, you must pay attention when they blink at the beginning of your level. However, try to be quick and focused, or they will disappear from your sight and become harder to find!

There is also a powerup floating around the dark house! Find the plus one ghost ball and earn a hint. If you ever feel stuck and can't find Gastly or one of the spider webs, feel free to click it, and the one you're missing will start blinking again.

What else you should know

You can catch Gastly multiple times throughout the level. The faster you do, the more points you will receive! He's a sneaky fellow, but your keen eye will spot him!

You can earn Trainer Tokens by playing the first round of the game at least once or gathering fifty thousand points! Make sure you don't miss out on this advantage!

Now that you know all the tricks of a spooky Hide-and-Seek, will you be able to discover the hidden place of Gastly the Pokemon ghost? Let's catch them all!