Floette Float

Play the Floette Float game and enjoy a day in nature with your Pokemon friend! Gather other Floettes, avoid obstacles, and tend to all the wildflowers!

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About Floette Float Game

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Explore the skies and beautiful nature with your new Pokemon friend in the Floette Float game! Floette is like a fairy! She tends to flowers all over the meadows with her other Floette friends. However, sometimes there are obstacles in her way, like other Pokémon or strong winds. Can you help Floette with her daily task and make all the flowers bloom this Spring?

Your main goal in this game is to help Floette float and dip down with her Pokemon friends to power up the flowers on the ground. Poison Pokemon are flying everywhere, so you must be careful and avoid them as much as possible. Make sure you don't lose any Floettes along the way, or they will fall, and all the flowers will remain closed and gloomy without their power!

How to Play

To help Florette with her job, you will only need your mouse or a touchscreen. Click and hold or touch and hold to make Floette float. If you release it, she will descend toward the ground. Form a group with other floating Floettes and tend to the flowers at the bottom of your screen by touching them.

You can earn a bunch of bonus points by powering up a lot of flowers in a row. Pokemon called Florges might appear whenever you do that, and once touched, they will add to your high score!

Try your best to avoid the Poison Pokemon roaming around the meadow. Move up and down in the sky to dodge them. If any Floettes touch it, they could leave or fall into the grass. Once they're all gone, it's game over!

Now that you learned how to tend to wildflowers, will you help Floette in her journey through the sky and her duty to the beautiful meadows? Time for a floaty adventure!