Pokemon Trainer Creator V2

Create a new Pokemon Trainer OC with the Creator V2 game! Try various outfits, customize your appearance, and select your favorite Pokemon companion!

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About Pokemon Trainer Creator V2 Game

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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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The Pokemon need a new companion for their adventures in the Trainer Creator V2 game! No matter the region or which Pokemon they love, the trainers are the most significant characters in every journey! It is up to you to create the trainer of your dreams, whether they are at the beginning of their adventure or already a gym leader! Are you ready to show off your unique Pokemon trainer?

You'll get to create a trainer by choosing their facial features, hair, clothes, accessories, and main Pokemon friend! You'll have the freedom to pick every aspect of your trainer's appearance and identity, so you can picture yourself in the adventures within the Pokemon world!

How to Play

To select your trainer's features, use the mouse. There are multiple buttons at the top of your screen. Each displays a category from which you'll have to pick the things you like. In other words, you can choose the trainer's gender, skin color, hair length and style, clothes, and so on. All you need to do is click on the category tab and choose your favorite.

As you browse through the items and pick your trainer's look, you'll notice that some categories have more than one page. That means you get more unique items to help customize your character. For instance, the hair section lets you choose a style of bangs, a nice hairdo for the back, or add some extra ponytails!

The last part of the creation process is the most fun! You can choose your Pokemon companion. It can be of any size, element, or power! Therefore, you can go to the last tab, select the Generation of Pokemon you like most, scroll through the pages, and pick the best fit for your trainer!

Will you create a fun and original Pokemon trainer and start your adventure with your new companion? You gotta catch them all!