Pokémon Chasm Crosser

Play the Pokémon Chasm Crosser game and help your friends reach the other side! Build the perfect bridges between rocks and watch the Pokemon cross safely!

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About Pokémon Chasm Crosser Game

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Join your adorable Pokemon companions in a dangerous adventure in the Pokémon Chasm Crosser game! Pikachu, Rockruff, and Togedemaru are trying to find their way across the tall rocks in the jungle and reach the other side safely! There's only one way to cross, and you must help them build it! Can you help the Pokemon get to their destination?

This adventure only requires you to do one task. Build wooden bridges over the dangerous gaps between rocks to help Pikachu, Rockruff, and Togedemaru make their way across! Focus and create a safe path for your adorable companions! Will you make it to the other side?

How to Play

To complete this adventure, you will only need your mouse! First, choose one of the three Pokemon to start your journey! Then, click and hold to create the bridge and release to drop it onto the next stone! Your Pokemon will cross, and you'll have to build a new bridge.

Remember to be careful with the length of your bridges! Try not to make the log too short, or your Pokemon will fall! The same goes if your bridge is too long. It will land on the next rock, but your companion will walk too far and fall!

Try paying attention to the types of rocks ahead of you! You will get one point every time your Pokemon makes it to the next stone, but they all differ in shape and size! You might even encounter stone pillars, which are very narrow, so make sure your bridge reaches them!

Are you ready to help the three cute Pokemon complete their risky adventure? Only you can lead them to safety!