Eevee's Tile Trial

Play the Eevee's Tile Trial game and help your Pokemon friend transform! Move tiles to get element matches, and watch Eevee evolve in one of her forms!

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About Eevee's Tile Trial Game

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Join the ever-changing Pokemon in a dynamic matching challenge in the Eevee's Tile Trial game! When it comes to change, Eevee is the master of transformations. She has multiple forms, but her most common are the Fire, Water, and Electricity ones! If you want to see all her beautiful changes, stick around! Can you make Eevee evolve?

Your main goal in this game is to move the tiles on your game board and make element matches to help the lovely Eevee transform! The trick is to match as many tiles of the same element as possible! Only then will the Pokemon change her form and gain powers!

How to Play

To help your friend evolve, you will only need your mouse! Choose the element you want to focus on and make matches of three tiles of the same kind! You will have to move the tiles according to the space you have and move them around until you form a row of three! It might seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll master it quickly!

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that Eevee will not evolve if you don't collect enough tiles of your pre-chosen element. The number must be higher than that of the other element tiles. For example, if you choose Water as your element, you must do your best to collect as many water tiles as possible before the time runs out!

As mentioned above, you have a time limit! Eevee is not a very patient Pokemon and wants to show off her impressive transformations! You are also able to extend your time! Make a match in the highlighted row, and you'll gain additional seconds! Once the time runs out, the game will count your tiles. If you have enough, Eevee will evolve!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you help the friendly Pokemon transform and show off all her impressive forms? These are just a few of Eevee's changes!