Berry Barrel Blitz

Prove your precise aim and wits in the Berry Barrel Blitz game! Go against the clock in this Pokemon challenge, and try to drop the berries in the barrels!

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Have fun solving the timed puzzles in the Berry Barrel Blitz game! If you want to become a Pokemon trainer, you must think on your feet. Besides, you have to be precise and quick.

Luckily, the team has prepared the perfect challenge for you! Try to beat it to improve your skills and prove that you're worthy of becoming a trainer!

This challenge consists of twelve levels that you have to complete in 180 seconds. That's so fast! Your goal in each stage is to drop the required number of berries in barrels. It sounds easy, but you'll soon find out it isn't!

How to Play

Before you start dropping berries, take a close look at the configuration of the level. Usually, you have to use the pieces of wood on the screen to guide the berries inside the barrel. You can move the launcher at the top of the screen by swiping your cursor to the left or right. Once you have decided on a position, click to make the berries drop!

Has your projectile reached the barrel? Once you find the perfect launching position, you can click quickly to drop multiple berries at once until the barrel fills up! You'll reach your goal in no time this way!

However, as you advance through the levels, launching berries in the barrels will become more challenging. For instance, you have to bounce the berries against some objects to reach your goal.

What else you should know

Sometimes, you'll also have to deal with disappearing platforms and timed obstacles. Collecting the golden coins in each level and filling up the barrels is more challenging as you advance!

After completing a level, you'll receive a score based on your time and performance. Can you score a perfect A on every level? If so, you'll surely finish the game before time runs out. However, likely, you won't get that far on your first try.

Keep practicing to advance, improve your precision, and earn a new high score!