Emolga's Apple Adventure

Develop your agility in a thrilling race amongst the branches with Emolga's Apple Adventure game! How many apples can you collect before the time runs out?

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About Emolga's Apple Adventure Game

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Challenge your speed of reaction with Emolga's Apple Adventure game! The adorable Pokemon is a dual-type Electric and Flying creature. Did you know that this Sky Squirrel loves eating from apple trees? Join her for a thrilling race among the branches as she tries to find the juiciest fruit!

The game consists of a timed race, where the tracks are the trunks of two trees. Your goal is to help Emolga jump between them to avoid the gnarly branches and pick up as many apples as she can. The arcade music and retro design will make this race even more exciting!

How to Play

Luckily, you can play this game even if you are afraid of heights! Emolga will climb up automatically. You just have to press the arrow keys or use the mouse click to make her jump from one trunk to another. The higher she climbs, the faster she gets! Therefore, you shouldn't let the initial slow pace fool you!

Avoid branches at all costs! If you're not swift enough, Emolga will crash against one of them and lose momentum. Besides, you get a 5-second time penalty. Yikes!

On the other hand, collecting apples without crashing will give you a bonus. If you can gather three or more in a row, your points will multiply by 100% for every apple. For instance, collecting 25 in a row will increase your score by 25 times. As a result, you should try your best to be precise and consistent!

How high can you climb? Keeping up with the accelerated pace will earn you extra points. However, sooner or later, the speed will catch up with you! When the timer is up, the game is over.

Your final score depends on the distance climbed and the maximum multiplier earned. Even if your results are not great at first, you'll surely want to keep trying. Hanging out with Emolga is so fun!