Magnemite's Power Pulse Puzzler

Use the power of magnets and power fields to your advantage in Magnemite's Power Pulse Puzzler game! Can you use the Pokemon's skills to escape the maze?

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About Magnemite's Power Pulse Puzzler Game

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Go on a fun adventure in the world of magnets with Magnemite's Power Pulse Puzzler game! This Pokemon stands out thanks to his one-of-a-kind abilities. To be more precise, Magnemite is a magnet. Therefore, he can use his powers to generate a power field and interact with those around him. Can you help him use his skills to escape a series of complicated mazes?

The game consists of four stages, challenging you to beat a more intricate maze in each level. You mustn't forget that you're up against the clock! Therefore, you'll have to hurry up and find a way past all the obstacles to reach the exit before the time runs out. Hurry!

How to Play

Use your cursor to guide Magnemite to the power plant! He will follow the movements of your mouse. However, our hero will often come across obstacles in his path! Here is where his ability to manipulate power fields comes in!

With a single click, you can activate Magnemite's powers while turning on all devices around you. For instance, you can open sliding doors with one click. To turn off the power field, just click again. Use this move if you want to deactivate traps!

If you can't get used to the rhythm of turning Magnemite's energy on and off, you'll surely crash a lot. Sadly, every time you bump into something, you lose valuable points. Besides, you'll miss out on the extra points awarded at the end of the level for a crash-free run.

Have you reached the power plant in time? If so, you'll get bonus points for every extra second left on the clock. As long as you find the exit, you'll be able to move on to the next stage of the game, where even more dangerous traps await!

However, with a bit of agility and practice, you'll free Magnemite from the maze. Keep playing to improve your skills and accomplish a near-perfect run!