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Play the Super Smash Flash game to join Mario, Kirby, and many other Nintendo heroes in a brawl. Use your fighter's power to get any opponent off the map!

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About Super Smash Flash Game

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Prepare for a brawl alongside iconic Nintendo characters like Pikachu, Mario, or Link in the Super Smash Flash game! From Megamind to Sonic and even Zelda, they are all waiting for you to fight alongside them! Of course, you will have to fight some of them too. Are your fighting skills good enough to take on someone like Samus or C. Falcon?

Your goal is to pick your trusty character and jump alongside them into battle to defeat every opponent! There are many types of fights, but you will be aiming to get them off the map for the most part. Let's get you to meet everyone and see if you got that fighting spirit in you!

How to Play

Now, it's time to know how to control your fighter. Also, if you have a friend you'd like to play with, you can! Here is a list of everything you need to know for each player:

 - Arrow keys / W, A, S, D: Move around the map. 

 - O and G Key: Jump.

 - P and F Key: Attack.

You can also perform special attacks or movements combining some of the keys. However, it will take a couple of tries if you want to figure out everything.

There are two main game modes you can try out. The first one is the  1-P Mode. And you have three ways you can play it:

 - Regular Match: Defeat each foe to advance or battle through various stages.

 - Stadium: Smash eight targets or fight for your life in various challenges.

 - Training: Practice your moves in the Training Room.

Here you can only play by yourself against the enemies. Don't worry, though! You will have all the heroes to keep you company!

The second game mode is the VS. Mode. Here, you can play with your friend in Melee and go against each other in standard Smash. The only rule is to try to stay on the map. Once one of you falls off two times from taking too many hits, the game is over. So, both of you should train solo before you challenge each other!

There is more you should know!

When fighting enemies, your end goal should be to take them off the map as fast as possible! You will have a damage meter, but it will not matter that much. Your only chance to victory is to push back your foes with every attack until their only way to go is down! However, you might be the one falling if you don't fight carefully!

At last, you should know about the power-ups you might find! There will be many helpful items spawning around the map. If you can get to them first, you can equip them to do some damage! For example, you can find a fire-breathing flower, a sword, a dust sweeper, and many more to help you fight your opponent!

Are you ready to enter the fight against Kirby, Knuckles, Fox, and the rest of the Nintendo heroes? Let's get you into the brawl and see what you've got!

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