Break the Worm

Finn is trapped in an evil dream world in the Break the Worm game! Help him defeat the King Worm, collect all the bonus items, and get back to reality!

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About Break the Worm Game

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Finn and Jake reach new adventures in the Break the Worm game! The King Worm trapped Finn in a dream, and he has to fight his way out of it! Jake is always there to assist his friend, but they seem to need more help! 

You have to step in and protect their backs!  To win the game, you need to complete three levels: the Ice Kingdom, Joshua's dungeon, and the Candy Kingdom. Make sure to defeat all the evil worms and end Finn's dream once and for all!

How to Play

Hidden worms will pop up from the ground, and Finn has to destroy them! To move your character across the platform, you need to use the Up and Down, Right and Left arrows! Once you spot his enemies, use the Z key to attack them! Also, obstacles appear from time to time, and you have to jump over by pressing the X key! 

However, some enemies are just too strong to defeat easily! In such situations, you need to employ Finn's special attacks: the Shark Sword, Big Legs, and Fear Feaster! They appear along your journey, and you can activate them by pressing the Spacebar! You can use this attack both at Half Power or at Full Power! To switch between attacks, just use the C key and choose the one you think works best!

What else you should know

Finn's path through dreamland is filled with obstacles! For example, Ice Stakes will appear from the ground to put him at risk! Plus, some machines shoot these stakes towards the character! He only has three lives, so you need to keep him out of danger! Even more, evil penguins will fall from the sky! Fight them quickly, and destroy any potential threat! 

Despite all of this, you will find bonuses all over the road! They look like pink presents, and can provide Heart refills, Power refills, or Extra Lives! To unlock them, you have to punch the gift boxes! Keep your eyes on these prizes, and get the best score at the end! 

Thus, Finn has to escape this evil dream and get back to reality! Help him defeat the mischievous King Worm and all his minions!