Jake and his friends are rolling down the mountain in the Avalaunch game! Check all the milestones, don't let them get stuck, and reach the bottom fast!

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The Adventure Time characters are out on the slopes in the Avalaunch game! For this winter break, they decided that rolling down the mountain is the best idea! However, they didn't think they will get stuck this quickly!

You have to help the troublesome characters get to the bottom of the mountain! They are all cramped up in a bubble and ready to slide down the slopes! Your job is to make sure your friends don't get stuck! Roll up your sleeves and complete the game successfully!

How to Play

You can play the entire game by only using the mouse! A Gumball Guardian is sitting at the top of the mountain, and he will push down the characters! Follow the meter at the bottom of the screen and click to launch your friends! The higher the meter is, the further your character's bubble will go!

At first, you can only play as Jake. He has to get further down the slopes to gather other characters! For every milestone you complete, Jake's bubble will receive more friends! Also, you can split the bubbles once you have extra characters! To do this, you need to click on the big bubble, and they are free!

What else you should know

When the characters are apart, you can switch the focus on whoever you want! You can do this by clicking on their image at the bottom of the screen! Even more, each one of your friends has a special ability! For example, you can make Jake a giant, or freeze and destroy any boulders in Ice King's way. To unlock that, you have to click on their particular bubble!

However, your heroes can use this special power only once at first. To be able to use it again, you have to earn three medals! The character that gets the furthest down the slopes has the opportunity to win these badges! Thus, he can use his ability once more!

Jake and his friends want to have the most fun this winter vacation! Make sure he has a good time while rolling down the mountain!