Rainicorn's Flying Colors

Prove your color-matching skills in the Rainicorn's Flying Colors game! Match the cards based on color or characters and solve the challenge in each level!

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About Rainicorn's Flying Colors Game

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Lady Rainicorn has prepared a new card-matching challenge for you in the Rainicorn's Flying Colors game! The Adventure Time characters can't wait to take on a fun and colorful activity! They will show you how to make perfect matches with the cards you get and impress Lady Rainicorn with your skill! Will you take on this colorful challenge?

Your job in this game is to match cards based on color and/or characters and flip all the blue tiles to pass the levels. You can get creative with your matches and combine colors without breaking the rules! Let's get this started!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to make colorful matches. First, you'll receive three cards at the bottom of your screen each round. Click and drag them to the blue tiles. Then, you can match them by color or by the Adventure Time character displayed on them. They will only disappear and flip your blue tiles when they form a row of three or more!

There are two tools you can use to match the tiles:

 - The first one is the Crystal Dimension, which is always in the middle of your board. You can place two cards on either side of it, no matter the color or character, and it will make the row disappear! 

 - The other one is the Lady Rainicorn card. Place it next to any card in any row, and it will act as the perfect substitute!

You can unlock more characters from the Adventure Time show as you complete the levels. However, they must be bought to be included in your card deck. Use the coins you earn from your matches to get characters and add them to your next game. If you want extra money, match at least three of the same cards in a row and receive double the amount!

Are you ready to prove your matching skills and beat Lady Rainicorn's challenge? Let the bright colors guide you!