Jake's Tough Break

The Magic Man has cursed Jake with removable limbs in Jake's Tough Break game! Join your friend and obtain the hat that will pull him back together!

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About Jake's Tough Break Game

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The Land of Ooo is full of magic in Jake's Tough Break game! Jake has been cursed by the Magic Man, and now all his limbs are removable! So, he desperately needs your help to put himself back together!

He must obtain the Magic Man's hat if he wants to be whole again! Your job is to direct him through many obstacles! Spot the hat quickly and do everything in your power to get Jake there! You are his only hope, so roll up your sleeves and help the poor character!

How to Play

You control in which direction Jake is going! To move him around, use the Right and Left arrows! If he needs to jump onto higher platforms, press the Up button! Remember that he can also use his curse at his advantage! You can detach any of his body parts by using the Spacebar! If you want to put it back, press the Down button, and Jake will be whole again!

This comes in handy when you need to get past certain obstacles! For example, sometimes bars will prevent him from moving freely on the platform! To bring them down, you have to activate buttons by putting a limb on them! Other times, he has to pass through small tunnels! When this happens, Jake needs to pull all his arms apart so he can fit through! 

At the end of each level, you get a certain amount of points! If you want to increase your score, finish every level in a matter of seconds! Even better, you can get badges if you complete specific tasks! For example, you will get the Back in One Piece Badge is you win all levels! Or, you can get the Crazy Legs Badge, if you beat level 9 with only two legs!

Jake needs to find the Magic Man's hat and put an end to his curse! Help him get his limbs together and defeat his great enemy!

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