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Help Finn and Jake to get reunited in the Adventure Time: Finn & Bones game! Fight the skeletons and defeat the Sorcerer to free your favorite hero!

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Become a hero and help Finn and Jake reunite in the Finn & Bones game! While walking through the Desert of Doom, your friends got ambushed by the Underworld Sorcerer. He offered water to a thirsty Jake, but it was clearly not a good idea to trust him! The magical dog was kidnapped to the Land of the Dead after drinking the skeleton's water of forgetfulness! Will you be the one to rescue him?

Your job is to play as Finn the human, the lead character of Adventure Time, and go on a challenging journey through the underworld, looking for your brother. Fight your way through while defeating the undead warriors to meet the final boss, the Underworld Sorcerer. Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

How to Play

Right from the very beginning, you will be greeted by a small tutorial, explaining the mechanics to you. Finn will walk ahead and fight on his own, but you have to equip weapons and use potions to assist him as he defeats the enemies.

After each level, you will be awarded three random items. However, your inventory can only fit a maximum of twelve at a time. Because of that, you will have to use Princess Bubblegum's help and merge some items together. 

The more mixing you do, the more powerful your items will become, so don't forget to use this ability that the game offers you!

This is an epic journey consisting of 25 levels, so don't think it will be easy defeating the Underworld Sorcerer! You probably won't finish the game in one sitting, but don't worry, because you can always continue from where you left off.

What more you need to know

Just because you're able to advance to the next level doesn't mean that you will defeat all of them from your first try. More often than not, you will have to replay specific challenges until you have enough exp to level up and get rewarded a stronger Finn.

You shouldn't get discouraged by the time it will take, as this is a complex game, and it requires you to do some thinking so that you can reach the final boss. 

Remember to play around with the item mixing feature and make powerful weapons to aid you in battle! The longer you fight, the more items you'll get, making your character stronger than ever. 

With that in mind, let's go! Jake is still waiting to be rescued after all!